Roasted Pepper

Roasted Pepper

Thick red peppers are great for roasting. They're great raw too but roasting brings out a new flavor (and smell) which makes the pepper usable in different contexts.

Quick Prep

> Buy thick red peppers. Thin or green peppers are not that great for roasting. At least I don't like them. The green ones get watery and gross. Red bell peppers work great. I roast 6-10 of them at a time.

> Preheat to 400 and make sure the oven rack is in the middle.

> Cut long slits on 3 different sides. We do this so they don't pop and splatter when heated. IMPORTANT: Don't add oil or salt! It's no big deal if you do, but it will only make peeling harder later on.

> Arrange on baking sheet. Be mindful of how much empty space there is on the sheet. It will affect how hot the bottom gets and how much cooking time you need. The thickness and number of peppers might affect cooking time too.


> Bake 20-30 min They should be deflated and blackened

> Flip and bake again for the same duration. Raw peppers are tasty, roasted peppers are tasty, but underroasted peppers are watery and have a different smell. Be patient, let them roast.

> Let them cool in a closed container. Plastic bag works too. I don't know why but it makes them easier to peel.

> Peel. If you did everything right it should be pretty easy.