Braising works great with fatty meats (which are also cheaper) by turning collagen to gellatin or something like that, I don't know. Takes a while to cook, but it's versatile and stores well.

> Get chuck roast. Beef with lots of fat is good for braising (slow cooking)

> Get dutch oven. A dish that can go in the oven, can hold liquid, has a lid.

> Lightly sear on both sides. Just for flavor. U can skip this

> Remove meat, fry other things. I just do tomato paste. Also optional

> Add water. Just to dissolve the stuff from the bottom

> Put the meat back in

> Add carrots and potatoes. Also optional, but this makes it a full meal.

> Add more water to cover everything

> Put lid on

> Bake on 300 for at least 3h. Cooking more won't hurt it. But remember the lid! Without a lid water will escape and things will burn.

> Season as you eat. I recommend salt over the potatoes, maybe pepper too.

> Store leftovers. The liquid is good too, as a beef broth substitute.